Jody was one of our early supporters! She featured the natural goodness of Human Nature in her blog. She went on to win Miss International Global 2013, advocating environment-friendly products to protect our only planet. A true beauty inside and out! 

Jody Liu
Miss Singapore Global 2013
Crowned Miss International Global 2013
1)  Can you tell us more about yourself?

I work as a Corporate Trainer during the day and a Blogger by night! I was once an International Pageant Queen, an Environmental Educator and a Singapore Youth Representative for Environmental Conferences/Forums, but I am really just a lady who isn't afraid of getting down and dirty with Mother Nature! Psst, I’m a mermaid too!

2)  Being exposed in the beauty industry and with your experience as an International Pageant Queen, what do you think is the issue that young ladies is mostly challenged with?

I think the greatest issue young ladies faced these days is the hidden message from majority of the beauty brands is that the way we are now is not enough, and that breeds insecurity in how these youths view themselves. It saddens me to witness young teens using heavy makeup or even resorting plastic surgery to match the beauty industry’s standard of artificial beauty.

3)  When and why did you start using natural products?

  I started exploring natural products when I was a young adult, after doing numerous treatments to “get rid” of my acne problem. It was upon researching that I realised that the amount of harmful ingredients I’ve used on my face have lead to how sensitive and damaged my skin was after.

4)  What do you think are the benefits of using natural products?

The biggest benefit in using beauty products that were made from natural ingredients is the fact that you know what you are applying onto your skin. I like using natural products because I could easily understand the ingredients in the ingredient list,and I’ve concluded that the best natural beauty products are ones that you could also eat!

 5)  What do you think should be done to encourage more people, especially ladies to go natural?

I think the biggest push factor would be educating people of the kind of chemicals used in beauty products and how it affects our daily lifestyle. In Singapore, it bothers me a lot because we reuse our water (Newater) and the amount of chemicals we use that goes into our drain come back to us again one way or another (albeit our water has been properly treated) because pollution doesn’t just go away.

I don’t like to scare people into doing something different, I would rather educate people that it is our responsibility to not only care about what we put into our body for our benefit, but that it is also our responsibility to minus the harm we do to our environment.  
6)  How did you find out about Human Nature?

I stumbled upon the brand through Google! I was searching for a natural beauty brand that I could find locally and stumbled upon Human Nature’s website.

7)  What products are you using now and why do you like it?

I’m a fan of Human Nature’s Strengthening Shampoo, because it lathers well and it leaves my scalp less oily after a decent period of usage. I also like the Natural Toothpaste and the sunscreen whenever I hit the beach for a swim in my tail. It leaves me guilt-free for using sunscreen to protect my skin because the ingredients in it doesn’t harm the ocean’s ecosystem.

I’m also glad to share that I got my boyfriend hooked on Human Nature’s Face Wash for Men! I was told that its leave a cooling refreshing sensation on the skin after wash, without any discomfort or dryness of the skin.
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