Ms June Lim 林惠贞
Full-time Mom to 4 | Actress

We met June in one of our baby fairs at Singapore Expo when we were just starting out. Since then, she has been a loyal advocate and has supported our charity initiatives like the "Donate a Book" for a public school in Philippines. 

1)  Can you tell us more about yourself?

I am a full-time mother to 4 active boys. I believe in doing my part for the environment and going natural as much as possible. I enjoy acting and singing, so you might catch me on TV or stage every now and then.

2)  As a woman, and a mother of 4 in particular, what do you think are the challenges usually faced by women? And how do you deal with it?

Women always have to balance career and family, or make a choice between the two. So much is expected from women. In a competitive society like Singapore, women are expected to work. Yet, our traditional values dictate that women are still the ones who are responsible for running the household. At the same time, we have to maintain our extended family relationships, social life and squeeze out personal time. On top of all that, we still have to keep ourselves looking presentable.

It's all about making decisions and managing expectations. When I decided to be a stay-home-mum, I had to deal with my family nagging at me for wasting my education. However, you have to understand that everyone's life is different, and we do not need to succumb to what others think is right. Being a very busy mother of 4, I have also learnt to manage expectations. I know I cannot go far in my career now. I know I cannot have a perfectly neat house. I know I cannot have as much free time as my single friends. And all that is okay because it is my decision to be a committed mother and I am not perfect.

3)  Were you always an advocate of natural products? When and how did it start for you?

  I have always been environmentally-conscious since young. However, I only started being more aware about using healthy and natural products 4 years ago. I was pregnant with my third child then, and was reading up on pregnancy and childbirth. I became very conscious about using chemical-free products, so I started scrutinising ingredients, and finding out the definitions of each and every single ingredient. I bought some organic products, but later realised that they still contained harmful ingredients. So, I decided that non-organic, natural products would be better.

4)  What are the benefits you get from using natural products?

It is definitely healthier for my whole family and I feel safer knowing they are not exposed to toxic chemicals. I like the natural scent of natural products, unlike the artificial fragrances that put me off. Natural products are gentle on the skin and I can feel the difference.

 5)  How would you define beauty?

Beauty is health, happiness and confidence. When a woman is healthy, happy and confident, she naturally emits an attractive aura.

6)  What would your beauty advice be to women, especially to younger women?

Don't use too much make-up. Use light, natural, chemical-free, make-up if you have to. Artificial beauty and attention fade with age. Happiness, health and confidence last you a lifetime. When you feel beautiful, you do not need anyone to affirm that.

7)  How did you come to know about Human Nature?

4 years ago, when I was searching for healthy, natural products online, I came across Human Nature. I checked out the products and ingredients, and everything looked great. Prices were reasonable too, so I made my first order. I loved the scent and feel of the products so I've been a loyal customer ever since.

8)  Name your top 3 favourite Human Nature products and why?

Can I pick 5 instead?

All Natural Spray Sanitizer (Citrus Burst) - This scent is a hit with everyone! Whenever I sanitize my hands, the people around me will ask, "what's that? smells great!"

Daily Hair Treatment - This leaves my hair feeling really soft and smooth.

Rescue Balm - I love the lavender scent. It's meant to "rescue" but it soothes me too. I bring a small one everywhere I go, to rescue any unforeseen bites and cuts.

Massage Oil (Rejuvenating) - It's meant to be rejuvenating but the scent is so soothing. Makes me feel relaxed immediately.

Natural Baby Wash - This is 100% natural and feels very gentle. It leaves a powdery smooth feel on the skin and has a light scent.

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