Purifying Facial Scrub
Not tested on animals and free from animal-derived ingredients Cruelty Free and Vegan Seal
Purifying Facial Scrub

Exfoliate your skin the natural way with our 100% Natural Purifying Facial Scrub! Made with real strawberry seeds and fine bamboo granules to soften your skin while gently removing dirt and toxins, you can now show off your healthy, smooth and luminous complexion without compromising your skin!

Did you know: Salicylic acid, one of the most common ingredients found in many chemical facial scrubs, is designed to fight acne and is also used as an exfoliant. According to cosmeticsdatabase.com, salicylic acid may have harmful effects on your brain, nervous and reproductive system and can act as a skin irritant and penetration enhancer allowing other harmful chemicals to penetrate deeper into the skin. Because of this, its use is restricted in Canadian and Japanese cosmetics. So why use it in yours?

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