Natural Toothpaste
Not tested on animals and free from animal-derived ingredients Cruelty Free and Vegan Seal
Natural Toothpaste

99.76% Natural

Brush those pearly whites with goodness you can smile about!

− Genuine smiles powered by GreenMineral Plus with zinc citrate, calcium carbonate, fluoride, sesame seed oil, spearmint oil and peppermint oil to help fight plaque, tartar, and cavities while keeping your breath fresh naturally.

− Genuine health for your family with no triclosan, no SLS, and no propylene glycol. It took almost 3 years and over 100 prototypes for scientists at our Natural Care Labs to create this world-beating toothpaste that's great-tasting, safe for children, and free from harmful chemicals!

− Genuine care for the earth with a biodegradable formula and no harmful abrasives such as plastic microbeads that can pollute our oceans.

Goodbye morning breath, hello goodness! 86% of users reported fresher breath the next morning!*

Have your family grinning from ear to ear with Human Nature's breakthrough toothpaste!

Brush up on Fluoride!
Did you know that water fluoridation is the one of the Top 10 Greatest Public Health Achievements of the 20th century? The World Health Organization says using fluoride is the most efficient way of reducing tooth decay. Our Natural Toothpaste has the right amount of fluoride, nature's cavity fighter!

*Based on a consumer panel test conducted among 100 users, June 2015.

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